Bisan Bicycle-Moped

As of year-end 2014, Bisan Bicycle Company had 8% market share in total bicycle production and 2% market share in motorcycle production.

When bicycles are mentioned in Turkey, the first brand to come to mind is Bisan. Founded in April 1963, it is one of the country’s premier industrial institutions, with 50 years of experience and 49 employees. It continues its production facilities in the Izmir Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone. Bisan manufactures and assembles bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, scooters and wheelchairs, and produces spare parts for these products. The Company also imports power wheelchairs and motocargos, and engages in the trade of equipment for children.

Bisan has 430 dealers, 827 after-sales service points, and 23 spare part wholesalers across Turkey.

Known in Turkey and abroad for its quality, Bisan has an annual production capacity of 225,000 bicycles, 4,795 mopeds, 19,180 electric mopeds, 27,720 motorcycles, 3,080 electric motorcycles, a thousand cross trainers, 25,000 electric bicycles, 960 treadmills, 22,500 wheelchairs and 2,500 electric chairs during the same period on a single shift basis.

İhlas Holding’s subsidiary, İhlas Marketing Investment Holding, holds a 98.30% share in Bicycle Marketing, while Bicycle Marketing holds a 99.88% share in Bisan Bicycle Moped Automotive.


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