Investor Relations Information

IHLAS.IS: Ihlas Holding has been listed on the Borsa Istanbul BIST STARS Market and BIST100 index, since 1994.

Other Ihlas Holding participations listed on the BIST under BIST MAIN Market:

IHEVA.IS: Ihlas Home Appliances Manufacturing, Inc.

IHGZT.IS:  Ihlas Journalism, Inc.

IHYAY.IS: Ihlas Media Holding Inc.

IHLGM.IS: Ihlas Real Estate Project Development and Trade Inc.

The objective of Ihlas Holding’s Investor Relations Department is to provide investors with accurate and first-hand information about Ihlas. The Investor Relation department contact information is listed below.

H. Alev Volkan, who possesses both the “Capital Market Activities Advanced Level License” and the “Corporate Governance Rating Specialist License”, is Investor Relations Manager. Investor Relations Department maintain their task under the Deputy General Manager, Budget Reporting and Investor Relations.

Investor Relations Department

İhlas Holding A.Ş.
Merkez Mahallesi 29 Ekim Cad. İhlas Plaza No:11
34197 Yenibosna/İstanbul
Phone: +90(212) 454 24 28 - Fax: +90(212) 454 24 27

Investor Relations Officer

Murat Bıyıklı

Telefon: 0(212) 454 20 96

Investor Relations Manager

H.Alev Volkan

Telefon: +90(212) 454 20 62

Deputy General Manager, Budget Reporting and Investor Relations

Orhan Tanışman
Telefon: +90(212) 454 24 28



Purpose of the Investor Relations Unit 

The Investor Relations Unit provides to be applied the legislations, articles of association and other 
internal company legislations regarding the usage of the shareholder rights and to be taken measures to 
be used these rights. 
In this content, İhlas Holding A.Ş. will be referred to as (Company) and Investor Relations Unit as (Unit). 

The Motivation of Establishing of the Unit 

Shareholders have a special place and importance in the structure of corporations. Because 
shareholders have the ownership of assets of the company economically as equity owner, they 
have rights as the owner of assests as well as have managerial rights to protect their usage of their 
privileges of the assets. In this context, in accordance with the principles of the Corporate Governance 
of Capital Markets Board, the right of the getting information of the shareholders has been expanded 
and also has been recommend to be put an article in the articles of association in an effort to make it 
more efficient. 

Limit and Scope of Autorithy of the Unit 

Unit operates regarding protection of the rights of shareholding, prepares reports to the Board of 
Directors and provides the relationship between shareholders, partners and Board of Directors. Within 
Corporate Governance Committee and appertaining to the Chairman of the Committee, monitors the 
all relationships between partners and investors and ensures that the requirements pertaining to their 
rights concerning access to information fully met in accordance with company disclosure policy. 

Structure of the Unit 

Unit is formed with the Company Articles of Association. Shareholders Relations Unit has been 
established with adequate number by the Board of Directors and assigns an authorized person who 
directly reports to the Chairman of the Corporate Governance Commitee. 
Responsibilities of Unit 
- consists of adequate quantity of qualified employees. 
- periodically arranges domestic and overseas investor information meetings in accordance with 
legislation, articles of association, corporate governance principles and disclosure policy and 
participates these meetings. 
- ensures that shareholder records are kept accurately, safely and up to date. 
- responds to shareholders’ written requests for information about the Company except those that 
constitute a trade secret or privileged information; 
- doesn’t make a distinction between the shareholders in the usage of the rights of the receving 
information and examination. 
- presents all kinds of updated information which will effect the usage of the rights of the shareholders 
in the web site of the company. 
- ensures that annual reports are prepared according to the legislation of Capital Markets Board and
Corporate Governance Principles. 
- ensures that General Assembly meetings are held accordance with the existing legislation, articels of 
association adn other internal legislations. 
- prepares documents to be delivered to shareholders at General assembly meetings. 
- ensures that annual reports are prepared according to legislation and Capital Markets Board 
Corporate Governance Principles. 
- ensures that the records of the result of the ballots have been kept and related reports are sent to the 
- supervises and oversees the process of public disclosure inconformity including the “Disclosure 
Policy” of the company and the legislation.

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