With a long history spanning nearly half a century, İhlas Group is active in a wide range of industries including construction and real estate operations, media and communications, manufacturing and trade, education and healthcare.

İhlas Group runs extensive operations across the country with its 25 companies, 2,662 employees, and a marketing team of 5,000 employees working within the Group’s distribution-dealer network spread across 75 cities and 286 districts. Standing out with its cultural services as well, İhlas Group is among the most prominent and leading conglomerates in Turkey also with its trade volume.

The foundations of the Group were laid in 1970 with the establishment of Türkiye Newspaper. After the newspaper began to be hand delivered, the Group commenced marketing operations under the “TÜRPA” brand. TÜRPA has gradually expanded by adding many other products to its portfolio besides newspaper distribution. By the year 1994, the Company has already become a widespread network engaged in face-to-face marketing of products to thousands of customers.

In 1981, İhlas Group established its own printing facilities and started to print the Türkiye newspaper at these facilities, further expanding its publishing and printing operations.

In 1989, the Group ventured into the construction sector with its “İhlas Yuva Evleri” project. Continuing its corporate development, the Group founded İhlas Home Appliances Company in 1990, and began manufacturing electronic devices and home appliances. The Group then ventured into the healthcare sector by establishing the Türkiye Newspaper Hospital in 1991.

A Breadth of Experience in the Media Sector
Breaking circulation records in the 1990s, the Türkiye Newspaper was also distributed in the U.K. and the U.S. during that time. Later, it was printed in Germany as well. In order to expand its successful track record gained in news reporting to other media outlets, the Group founded İhlas News Agency, TGRT FM radio station, and the TGRT television channel in 1993.

In 1993, İhlas Group gathered its subsidiaries under the umbrella of the Holding company in order to ensure strong growth. In line with its investment strategies, the Group built the “Kuzuluk Kaplıca Evleri” (Thermal Resort) and commenced timeshare resort operations in 1995. During that time, İhlas Group also ventured into other industries including Internet services, finance, food, transportation and insurance. Considering investments in education a corporate social responsibility, the Group founded İhlas Educational Institutions in 1996.

In parallel with the liberalization process in energy markets, İhlas Group participated in a number of electricity distribution and mining tenders during the period 1997-98. Later, the Group obtained licenses for extracting valuable mineral resources, such as metal ores, coal and industrial raw materials, in order to contribute to national economy.

During the 2000s, İhlas Group underwent a restructuring process to create synergy between group companies and to encourage specialization in areas of operation. Accordingly in 2003, İhlas Media Holding was founded, and thus the Group began to operate in magazine publishing, media planning, trade show organization, and digital content design and production in addition to its existing businesses of newspaper publishing, news agency, and broadcast journalism. In 2004, TGRT Haber, a thematic news channel, was established. Two years later, in 2006, the Group decided to focus only on news reporting, and sold TGRT TV, which was covering a wide range of topics, to News Corporation, an American multinational mass media corporation.

Wide Range of Expertise in the Construction Industry
In addition to the developments in publishing in 2004, the Group built the Armutlu Holiday Resort consisting of 11 buildings and 1,686 apartments on 300,000 square meters of land in Armutlu district of Yalova.

As part of construction and real estate activities consolidated under the umbrella of İhlas Construction Holding in 2010.  So far 18.540 units, including business centers, holiday resorts, television studios, education complexes, and residential compounds have been built to date. The construction of 3.208 units is currently underway.

The Group continued its construction investments with Kristal Şehir and Bizim Houses projects, and the second phase of Armutlu Holiday Resort has begun construction on an area of 62 thousand m2. Other recently announced projecy is the Güzelce housing project which is planned to start in 2017 on an area of 92.293 m2 area.

Growth in the Marketing Fields

In addition to home electronics and household appliances, İhlas Group has gradually expanded its product line by manufacturing bicycles, motorcycles, strollers, and also with food production. 

Social Responsibility Investments 
İhlas Holding has taken on a social mission within the framework of its “Education and Healthcare” activities. Accordingly, Türkiye Newspaper Hospital, a well-established healthcare facility in Turkey, offers special and ethical healthcare services that make patients feel the warmth of family and the comfort of their own homes, by paying special attention to both the physical and psychological effects of health problems.

Meanwhile, İhlas Educational Institutions, which provide education at all levels, starting from kindergarten to high school, implements an education system that embraces social values, the principles and practices of information and technology age, and can also be put into practice in today’s business and daily life.

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